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Anonymous: bought the charcoal converse, how do I style them?

the same way you would style black and grey! here are some ideas:

- black bodycon dress, leather jacket, sheer tights, converse, oak crossbody satchel

- white tee or tank, black leggings, converse, black crossbody satchel

- grey muscle tee, indigo jeans, parka, converse, black beanie, black satchel bag

- graphic tee, high waisted shorts, converse, midi rings, wayfarers

- borg denim jacket, grey tee, black skinny jeans, converse, midi rings, black structured bag


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Anonymous: Hey I have the same denim jacket Gemma has and I'm inlooooove with it what would she wear with it in winter ?

i’ve posted some sets in the inspired tab! i’ll post another one tomorrow though :)

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Anonymous: what are your favourite blogs/people at the moment here on tumblr?

there are so many that i would hate to leave out, but this is at the top of my head (i’m only listing style blogs except for teasdalhe bc she is everything)

- teasdalhe

- thestylesstyle

- eleanors-clothes

- matty-fashion

- daniellecpeazerstyle

- officialzoellastyle

- clothingvamp

- zombietia

- christiescloset

- flawed-paradise

- thelayeredlineup

- alyucma

- thatdenimpurse

i know that there’s more but i just can’t think of them! xx

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Anonymous: If anyone is looking for any REALLY comfy skinny jeans, the brand Celebrity Pink Jeans has the SOFTEST, most comfy jeans ever. I bought some black ones yesterday. They are usually around 45 dollars (USD) but I got them half off because of sales.

thank you! i think i’m actually going to check them out lol x

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Anonymous: Harry was seen that day with a striped tshirt and a checkered shirt! twitter(.)com/1dasiacrew/status/493255374548398081

well there you have it! thank you for sending this in, the combination looks really nice (for the anon)! :)

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Anonymous: You are so sweet, kind and lovely. Thank you for being such a good person love :) xxx

you are the sweetest ever for sending in this message :) thank you so much ♡

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Anonymous: I recently lost A LOT of weight, (94 pounds!) and I am going to completely redo my wardrobe. I'll be throwing everything away and buying all new. Can you maybe do a set of essentials?


Congratulations! You are amazing! I’d like to talk to you off anon! I have been trying to loose weight for so long and nothing seems to work :/ Anyways, I’ll link you to my Harry back to school shopping guide and the lovely gemmastylesstyle's Gemma back to school shopping guide! They have the essentials you need. I'd love to get to know you more! -Gina

Harry: (x)

Gemma: (x)

you are a saint omg ❤️

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Anonymous: i want to wear a skirt or a dress or a shorts but i don't feel confident bc my calves are so big smh

don’t feel that way about your body! just remember that nobody is perfect, that we all have certain flaws that make is stand out from everyone else, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these flaws are bad. it is proven that people are their worst critics, and tend to be harder on themselves than what other people would think of them! you need to be confident about who you are, and not care, because life is too short not to do what you love, and you shouldn’t wt your calves interfere with what you want to wear! people will be so focused on your beautiful outfit not to even care about how your calves look. overall, just wear what you love and don’t worry about how your calves look, because everyone has flaws, but they shouldn’t let that stop them from living their life to the fullest! go rock those skirts, shorts and dresses :) xx

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Anonymous: do you think it's okay to wear a striped tshirt with a flannel? bc i'm not sure about it haha i love your blog, keep rocking Stephanie!

aw thanks! :) i think it would look fine, go rock that look! xx

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Anonymous: what's your instagram Stephanie?:)xx

@stephanie.m :)

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