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hemmingscobain: So im going to a funeral next week and i have absolutely no idea what to wear, can you please help me out? xx

of course, what is the weather like? i am so sorry for your loss x

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Anonymous: The question that the anon asked I think she's both an 8 and 10 :-) x

oh okay! thank you :)

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Anonymous: Is Gemma a size 10 ? Or 8 ? X

i’m not quite sure, she’s never publicly mentioned it x

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Anonymous: what do you think are the best alternatives to classic white low-cut converse?

i would purchase white vans or supergas to get the same look! if you want something identical but cheaper, i’ve seen charlotte russe, target, wetseal, h&m, and ebay make knock off white converse x

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Anonymous: What can I wear with light blue dungarees? Love your blog!

i’ve made one here, here, and here! but you  can basically pair them with any top (crop top, tank top, tee, jumper) and any pair of sneakers (converse, vans, superga, nike) with sunglasses and a satchel and you would have a really cute outfit :) x

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Anonymous: Zara is selling a knit hat similar to Gemma's asos one :)

here is the link to the similar beanie everybody! thank you for sending this in! xx

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blah-ana: What iPhone does Gemma have? :)

i think she has been spotted with an iphone 5s in gold and an iphone 5c in black / white :)

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taweesab88: hiii. i was wondering if you might allow me to get the word out about some tickets im selling for a 1d concert. if you would be willing to allow me to write another ask with the info to help me. I would really appreciate it. please let me know if you would do that. if not, i understand. thank you for your time!

no of course! just send in the ask :)

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Anonymous: Could you make a post on what Gem would take for a sleepover at friend's?

i think you would just need to take the essentials that you need, let me make a list (assuming you’re sleeping over for one night) :

- two loose tees, two pairs of pajama pants / shorts, one graphic tank, one loose cami, a pair of jeans, a pair of sneakers, and a satchel / travel bag.

of course you should take your hygiene products, like toothbrush, tooth paste, hair brush, etc. have fun! x

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Anonymous: What's your instagram baby? Xx

@stephanie.m ❤️

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