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galaxy-journal: Hiii! I got a new yin yang jacket for school and I'm wondering how Gemma would wear it? Thankss :)

how cute :) here are some ways to style it:

- jacket, black loose tank, dark wash skinny jeans, black high top vans, midi rings, black leather satchel

- jacket, black loose tank, medium wash ripped skinnies, midi rings, black leather satchel

- jacket, white tee, medium wash jeans, white converse, dainty layered necklaces, black leather satchel

- jacket, maroon or grey tank dress, black chelsea boots, black handbag, midi rings

- jacket, grey tee, black ripped skinnies, black vans, black leather satchel, midi rings

- jacket, white strappy cami, high waisted denim shorts, white converse, black leather satchel


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Anonymous: Could you make a set of gemma going clubbing with black zara dress that have numbers on it? 78 i think. Thanksss xxx

maybe try black sandal heels and a black crossbody bag with midi rings or with black ankle booties and a black clutch with midi rings (throw on a leather jacket if it gets cold) x

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Anonymous: Do you know where I can find cheaper look alikes of the Yves Saint Laurent studded ankle boots like in many of your outfits.

if you scroll down a bit i answered a post linking them to a great similars post x

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leatherjesy: I loveee the brandy melville dress, thank you! Although it says it's an oversized tee, and I'm somewhat tall (5"6 but closer to 5"7) so do you think it'll be too short to be a dress on me? I think it's one size fits all as well, or I would've gone up a size or two. Hellllp haha

absolutely! i think it would look just fine :)

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Anonymous: I need inspiration for my dorm room! Is there some kind of master list of Gemma inspired room stuff that you can link for me? :)

i think that she would add little decorations to her room to make it personal! maybe take inspiration from this set that i made :) 



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leatherjesy: Oh and I'm not the girl who requested the outfit, though we're both in Canada haha

no problem haha x

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leatherjesy: Hi! I really really really like that striped dress you used in that last set, but monki doesn't ship to canada 😪 do you know where I could find a similar one?

the most similar one that i could find was from brandy melville here! i personally own it and it is very comfortable and cute :) 

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serendipatousness: Hi tomorrow i start school its going to be sooo hot! a high of 97. i was wondering if you could please make some outfits for me? thankss so much:)

wasn’t sure if you wanted jeans, shorts, a dress, or a skirt so here are some outfits :) good luck! : x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x

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Anonymous: Can you please do a outfit Gemma would wear with a black maxi skirt

Untitled #383 by mulberryandtea featuring a black circle skirtMink Pink crop tank / Monki bra, $20 / H M black circle skirt, $22 / Yves saint laurent shoulder bag / ASOS sterling silver pendant necklace / Ray-Ban gold aviator sunglasses

Untitled #340 by mulberryandtea featuring a polyester shirtTopshop polyester shirt / Minimarket black skirt, $61 / Mango black handbag / Forever 21 rhinestone jewelry / Akira fedora hat

Maxi Skirt
Untitled #161 by mulberryandtea featuring a dome satchel handbag
Long sleeve top, $25 / Topshop jersey maxi skirt / Black leather flat / Mulberry dome satchel handbag / Topshop mid finger ring / ASOS stone ring, $20 / Topshop initial ring / Ray-Ban aviator glasses


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Anonymous: how do you kniw that gemma works in the book agency? Btw, what do you like about gemma? Just curious .x

i heard through other update accounts on tumblr :) and i like the fact that she is so chill ya know? she just dresses so cool and she doesn’t take things so seriously haha x

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