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unnamedroyalqueen: To the anon with the 'I never liked you anyway' shirt,usually ink can go away if you put some milk on the stain and then put your shirt in the washing machine.(sorry for my bad english) xx

no no you’re english is just fine! thank you for sending this :)

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Anonymous: Could you do a master post of Gemma's best tweets? Thank you! Xx

i don’t make masterposts very well! i would ask gemmasters :) she’s amazing at that kind of stuff and she is life x

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Anonymous: This may sound dumb but where is the tag you tell us to look for? If that makes any sense.

omg i should add this to the faq but basically if i tell you to check the winter tag, you would type this in the url search bar: gemmastylesstyle.tumblr.com/tagged/winter

just basically add /tagged/[insert tag name here] after my url and it should take you to everything that i have tagged under that name x

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Anonymous: Which iphones has Gemma? She has more than 1, right? Could you post some pics please? Thank youu :)

pics are in /tagged/phone but she has the iphone 5s in gold and the 5c in black + white x

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Anonymous: You do inspireds right?? Could you do some fall clothes gemma would wear from forever 21??

i did! check /tagged/forever+21 x

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Anonymous: Can you link me to the tag

what tag?

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Anonymous: Man.. The day I asked you to make a set using the "I never liked you anyway" shirt I spilled ink on it..

awhhh i’m so sorry! i guess it has a ‘vintage’ look to it now lol x

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Anonymous: hiii!!!! I'm going to friend's birthday this sat. and I was thinking about wearing a long black sleeved shirt with black skinny jeans that has the holes in the knees and black combat boots? it's a pretty chill birthday, so nothing fancy but I was maybe thinking I'm wearing too much black? lol any opinions?

i love it!! don’t worry about it, it sounds super cute :)

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Anonymous: Could you post links or pictures to some of the sunglasses Gemma wears?

all of them should be in the accessories tag :)

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Anonymous: Hiii :) is the etsy heart bracelet of Gemma's in silver or gold? love this blog so much x

it looks like silver to me! x

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